did a thing and now i think miranda and rachel are mad at me
im mad at myself
i wish somebody would reply to me
even tho the person i really want to talk to is probably out pretending i no longer exist
im just gonna keep doing the thing
hopefully i pass out

Anonymous: First of all, congratulations on being two months clean! I understand how hard it is. Second, you don't deserve to harm yourself. I don't know you personally, but I've followed you for a while now and you seem like a pretty great person. I think you should ride out the night, and see if you are still craving it just as much in the morning. The night brings out the worst in everyone. Stay strong, beautiful! <3

I don’t know how to reply to this.

Celebrating two months clean by being very triggered and on the verge of giving up lol how grand

Edit; No longer accurate.

shhhhhhhhhhhhhh* just hit this blunt and have sex with me